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Online Tutoring

Watch a sample lesson here

Online tutoring sessions are one hour each, two days per week, using in tandem with 

To get started...


Equipment Needed:

  • No less than an I3 (Intel Processor).

  • High Speed Internet, at least 30 Mbps internet speed.

  • Google Chrome. Click here to download Google Chrome to your computer. 

  • Newer computer with plenty of RAM (Note: iPads and Android tablets will not screen share).

  • Check what programs are running in the background and using memory. (*Carbonite back-up, Chrome, Outlook, etc. may use a lot of RAM)

  • Web camera.

  • External mouse (not a touchpad).

  • Headphones. Strongly recommend the Mpow Headset from Amazon. 

  • Tutoring folder with all notes and extra paper to write on.

  • Pencil or pen. 

  • A smile!

Programs Used:

  • will be our meeting room and screen-sharing. Use the web browser Chrome to open Zoom. 

  • There is no charge to you. Downloading the program is required but Free.

For the Tutoring Session:

ABSOLUTE QUIET. No exceptions. No distractions in the background.

  • Noise has been the biggest distraction for remote tutoring—children in another room, phone calls in another room, sibling wandering through the room or doing something in the background of the room or within the student’s vision, outside distractions seen through a window.

  • It’s not only your student hearing everything. I do, too. Neither one of us can work well with those distractions. That’s why my office is so quiet.


  • Close all other programs before tutoring sessions.

  • Ensure that others in the home are not downloading or uploading during sessions—this includes gaming, movies, downloading documents, etc.

  • Wi-Fi signals do not always work. Connecting to the router with an Ethernet cable can result in a better experience, sometimes the only successful experience.


  • Students younger than 10; it is likely the parent will need to be in the same room.

  • Students easily distracted, the parent will be needed right next to the child.

  • Parents should be accessible for technology problems.

  • Student needs to have a cell phone by their side in case we lose audio on Zoom—internet interference does happen.


Credit: Carol Morehart


Pacific Time 4:00


Mountain Time 5:00


Central Time 6:00 


Eastern Time 7:00

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