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5 Star Google Reviews 

Parent Testimonials


"I was not surprised by my son's dyslexia diagnoses, but I was quickly at a loss about how to help him learn the right way and in a way that made sense for him. Ashley came recommended by the provider that diagnosed my son and I'm so glad that I was able to connect with her right away. From our first telephone conversation I knew she was brought into our lives for a reason & that she was the right person to help my son. Little did I know she would be helping us both in the years to come. She may have started out as his reading tutor but she took on so many other roles in our lives. From helping to guide me on the IEP process to becoming his Advocate and then fighting alongside me to get him the services he needed at a school that seemed so determined not to provide them. When I withdrew him from school due to the lack of support services, she helped guide me on the homeschool process and even stepped in to complete his portfolio review at the end of the school year. I would be lost without her guidance, calm nature, reassurance, and constant support. My son has excelled with her as his tutor and continues to work with her on a weekly basis. Forever grateful for the single recommendation that brought her into our lives and can only hope that my recommendation serves the same purpose to another family." 

-Emily A.


"My son (5th grade) and daughter (8th grade) have been tutoring with Ashley for a little over six months now and she has been absolutely wonderful in helping them grow in their confidence and academics along with giving me excellent guidance with getting them their needed accommodations at their schools. She has helped my son greatly with his reading and spelling through the Barton system, and she has helped my daughter with her homework and study skills. My son had gone through so many tutors that just didn't work for one reason or another and Ashley came in and was able to exhibit the patience and understanding that he needed to be willing to work with a tutor. Just getting him to sit for an hour to tutor had been challenging prior to Ashley who has now been able to tutor with him twice a week for an hour each time, and he even sits much better and longer at home to do his homework now. Ashley is a blessing, and she truly cares about my children and is such an advocate for both of them. She promptly responds to all my of my questions and/or concerns with anything going on in their classrooms and has given me great advice on how to proceed with making sure they have the proper accommodations in their IEPs as well. I highly recommend her as a tutor or advocate for any student!!"

-Jamie P.


"We are so thankful we found Ashley. Our son John has struggled for years with reading and we have tried so many things to help him with his struggles. We had him tested and the doctor even gave us medication to help him focus. It wasn’t until a friend told us that maybe we should get him tested for Dyslexia. Sure enough that was exactly what it was and Ashley came highly recommend. After seeing the material and talking with Ashley, we knew we were in good hands. John has been in the program now a little over a year and we couldn’t be happier. Ashley has helped him succeed when we thought there was little hope. His confidence is up and she has even attended meetings with his teachers to assist with a development plan. John absolutely loves Ashley and we couldn’t think of a better person to teach our son. Thank you Ashley!"

-Jared C.


"We wish we have found Ashley 5 years ago. My son has been struggling with reading for as long we could remember. Since he started working with Ashley this year, we have seen tremendous growth in every aspect. My son Devin loves working with her and feels comfortable talking to her about anything. Words can not express how much we appreciate Ashley. It's a long process and we have found the perfect match for our family. Thank you Ashley for being there for my family. You are stuck with us!!"

-Katheline D.


"Finally a real certified dyslexia tutoring company. My son who is dyslexic learns a totally different way than a non dyslexic child. The average teacher can try but if they’re not knowledgeable on how to identify and teach a dyslexic child they will fail. My son was 3 years behind grade level. We tried public school, private school, expensive tutoring but nothing worked. None had a clue what they were doing. It wasn’t until I had chosen to work with Ashley at Dyslexic Einstein that my son excelled back to grade level and his confidence improved tremendously. Thank you Dyslexic Einstein"

-Ron E.


"Ashley was my son Zachary's 1st grade teacher. Zachary was newly diagnosed with ADHD. She had such patience with him while we were trying to get his meds under control. She did an amazing job preparing Zachary & the rest of the class for 2nd grade. Zachary got into the Cambridge program at his school. She had a direct impact on him academically & personally. Ashley has such an incredible connection with her students and parents. He had a new love for school & learning. Every student & parent should have the amazing experience we had with her!!"

-Danielle L.


"Ms. Rivello was my daughter's teacher and I have to say 'she is the best in town'. Great teacher, great leader and excellent human being. She is a passionate teacher who loves what she does and works hard to have the best results for her students. When my daughter finished first grade with her, she was on a third grade reading level! She touches every kid she teaches. Absolutely amazing."

-Glorymar O.


"Ashley is one of my child’s most memorable teachers. She was always available to parents for any needs or concerns. Ashley loves the kids and is definitely an ambassador of child education."

-Bobby S.

"Ashley took so much pride in teaching her students. My daughter looked forward to going to school everyday. She has such a unique and fun teaching style. Ashley treated each of her students just like they were own. I highly recommend Ashley because of the pride she takes in making sure each of her students are successful. I can't thank her enough for helping set my daughters education foundation."

-Melissa H.

"Ms. Rivello is the best teacher and reading tutor in Palm Beach County. She has been tutoring my daughter in the Barton program and I've already seen drastic improvements from the reading diagnostics at school. She is so patient and makes learning enjoyable. My daughter loves seeing her each week. Highly recommend to anyone in search of a tutor!"

-Michelle C.

"Ashley has been a great resource for both my son and I. She is a fantastic teacher and tutor for him and a wealth of knowledge and support for me in navigating the dyslexia waters."

-Linda P.

"I found Ashley with a quick Google search for dyslexic tutors in my area and I couldn’t have been more fortunate to find her! She has all 5 star parent reviews which made me feel comfortable about hiring her for my son who was diagnosed with dyslexia last year. She is very knowledgeable and has helped our family so much. Her website page has many resources and support for parents too!"

-Pamela D.

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